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Dopple Labs

Company Description

“Dopple.AI”, an innovative platform that empowers users to create one or more personal AI clones, known as a “Dopple.” The technology combines video, audio, and popular messaging platforms such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram, to enable creation of lifelike Dopples that resemble, speak, and interact just like real individuals. Dopples can initiate and participate in dynamic, personalized conversations, visually and audibly, across diverse communication channels. -PAHOMEPAGE

Role Description: Prompt Engineering Intern

This is a remote internship role for a Prompt Engineering Intern at Dopple Labs. The Prompt Engineering Intern will report to the Product Development Team and will involve carefully-crafting chatGPT prompts, bug testing, and a variety of different tasks to build your skills. Compensation: course credit (For Universities and Colleges), a letter of recommendation, and an endorsement of your skills relevant to the internship on LinkedIn. Note: There is also the possibility of a paid position later on as availability allows.

Job Type: Unpaid Internship (Part-Time), Approximately 7-18hrs per week.

Job Location: Fully Remote (Primary HQ: Miami, Secondary HQ: Palo Alto)

*You will never be required to come in in person if you don’t want to, however we may be hiring more people for Palo Alto soon and might want you to come in in person to work in the office in the capacity of a paid position, but you will never be required to come in for the internship.*


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated interest or experience in artificial intelligence, LLMs, prompt engineering
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Currently pursuing or recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, or related field
  • Attending a top 25 university or school (See US News ratings)
  • Prior experience in the field, with social media management, or LinkedIn management specifically


Please submit or have ready to submit for the interview: One or two sample pieces of writing that vividly illuminate your own voice. These can include, persuasive, analytical, empirical etc. essays, poems, songs, research papers, a collection of social media posts that are well-written (i.e. Twitter, Threads, Facebook, LinkedIn), or high-school/college projects/work. If you are unsure if your one piece of writing meets the criteria please include or have ready for the interview at least two instances of writing.

Thank you! We look forward to reading your applications.

To apply for this job please visit

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