Prompt Engineer – Content development


Job Description:

As an AI Artist/Prompt Engineer at SquadCX, you will be an integral part of our innovative research and development team, exploring cutting-edge AI technologies and tools for image and video creation. The ideal candidate will showcase proficiency in prompt engineering and hands-on experience with AI tools such as mid-journey, DALL-E, and stable diffusion. This role offers a compelling opportunity to contribute significantly to the advancement of cutting-edge technology within a collaborative and dynamic environment.


  • Design and implement creative solutions for image and video generation using mid-journey, DALL-E, and stable diffusion.
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize algorithms for AI-driven image creation.
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to develop and test new features.
  • Stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI and image processing technology.
  • Write comprehensive documentation and provide support to fellow team members.
  • Utilize AI tools to create visually stunning content for marketing materials, social media, and websites.


  • Showcase a portfolio of AI-generated images along with respective prompts and other digital graphics, demonstrating strong design and storytelling abilities.
  • 0-1 years of experience as a Digital Artist/Graphic Designer.
  • Solid understanding of design principles.
  • Proficiency in various digital editing software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Preferred experience in Image Portraits and Image Manipulations.
  • Familiarity with working in Google Colab and Github is a plus.
  • Ability to deliver high-quality artwork within tight deadlines.
  • Excellent communication and interpretation abilities.
  • Impeccable taste and a keen eye for detail.

Work Location: SquadCX, Noida

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