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Soul AI

We are hiring exceptional talent with subject matter expertise in various fields who will train and improve Artificial Intelligence models (no prior AI experience needed). We are looking across Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs across a wide variety of fields. A non-exhaustive list of fields:

1. Core Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial/production, Electrical, Computer Science, etc.)

2. Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)

3. Humanities (Psychology, History, Literature, Arts, etc.) 4. Other (Doctors, Lawyers, CAs, Experts in Finance, Economics, etc.)

Turbocharge your career by working on prompt engineering, fine tuning, and other such skills of the future. These roles don’t require AI / machine learning expertise but instead demand deep subject matter expertise in your core subject of study, coupled with fluent English and critical thinking.

About the roles:

These are project-based roles that offer flexible hours, with an anticipated commitment of 2-3 hours daily. They are remote roles where you need to work off a PC of your own. What you will be doing: Help train state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) Act as domain experts in facilitating the fine-tuning of AI models, via techniques like Prompt Engineering and Reinforced Learning Review/Generate technical content

Pay will vary by project; typically starts at ~Rs. 1000 per hour (if you work an average of 3 hours every day – that could be as high as Rs 90K per month).

PS: We are also hiring for coding roles – in the capacity of training AI models on programming (check our other JD)

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