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We’re determined to make a difference and are proud to be an insurance company that goes well beyond coverages and policies. Working here means having every opportunity to achieve your goals – and to help others accomplish theirs, too. Join our team as we help shape the future.

We are founding a dedicated Generative AI team and are looking for candidates with expertise in linguistics. The team will be tasked to support moving projects from research into production for various organizations of the business. The team is comprised of a cross functional group that together with its platform peers ensures a sound move from our research activities to scalable solutions.

The ideal prompt engineer will have experience refining prompts for various foundation models with differing implementations like guiding conversations, identifying information from context, summarizing data from various forms, and other implementations. They will have worked with technical teams on both out-of-the-box and customized versions of foundation models. They can measure the performance of model outcomes and create repeatable patterns for others to follow.

Sustaining The Hartford’s unique workplace culture is vital to delivering on our purpose – underwriting human achievement – and continuously producing outstanding results. Our enterprise work model, which reflects a mix of in-office, hybrid and fully remote roles, helps us attract, retain and develop the talent we need to achieve the company’s strategic goals. This role will have a Hybrid work arrangement.

This role can be hired as a Prompt Engineer or Sr. Prompt Engineer.


  • Create and refine prompts for foundation models to meet goals of the business
  • Work in various environments – Bedrock Playground, Linux CLI, and SageMaker Notebook – to implement prompts and create products for business users
  • Collaborate with the team to develop and refine text prompts for leveraging foundation models for specific tasks
  • Communicate with teammates and stakeholders of varying levels of technical acumens around prompting strategies and the impacts of them
  • Maintain documentation of prompt engineering processes and outcomes
  • Assist in preparing datasets especially for RLHF, fine-tuning, etc.
  • Partner with scientists and engineers to understand their research and engineering needs
  • Stay up-to-date with research in prompt engineering and foundation model applications


  • Experience designing prompts for various implementations of foundation models
  • Expertise in linguistics
  • Experience with foundation models like T5, LLaMa-2, GPT-4, BLIP-2, etc.
  • Experience leveraging various techniques – Chain of Verification (CoVe), Chain of Thought (CoT), In-Context Learning, Tree of Thought (ToT), Optimization Prompting (OPRO) – for guiding foundation models to desired outcomes
  • Ability to measure the impact of varying prompts for performance on outcomes
  • Interest in learning programming like SQL and Python

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience programming with Python and SQL
  • Experience working in a cloud environment like AWS
  • Experience red-teaming foundation models to build model guardrails around ethical implementations


The listed annualized base pay range is primarily based on analysis of similar positions in the external market. Actual base pay could vary and may be above or below the listed range based on factors including but not limited to performance, proficiency and demonstration of competencies required for the role. The base pay is just one component of The Hartford’s total compensation package for employees. Other rewards may include short-term or annual bonuses, long-term incentives, and on-the-spot recognition. The annualized base pay range for this role is: $95,200 – $165,840

The posted salary range reflects our ability to hire at different position titles and levels depending on background and experience.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Females/Minorities/Veterans/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity or Expression/Religion/Age

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