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Looking for an NLP Generative AI Engineer for a research-focused, product-based, US-based Startup. SciSpace’s AI team is working on cutting-edge technology including all the latest large language models. Nonetheless, large language models represent a novel form of intelligence, and the practice of guiding them to yield optimal outcomes remains in its early stages and encompasses elements of programming, instruction, and education. Your role will involve determining the most effective approaches for eliciting desired responses from our AI across diverse tasks, subsequently documenting these techniques to create a repository of tools and a collection of tutorials. This will enable others to either learn the art of prompt engineering or readily discover the perfect prompts for their needs.

If you have prior projects showcasing your prompt engineering expertise with large language models or image generation models, we would be thrilled to review them. If you haven’t delved deeply into prompt engineering yet, you can effectively exhibit your skills by dedicating some time to experimenting with Claude/GPT3/ChatGPT and demonstrating your ability to solve complex tasks through a series of skill fully designed prompts.


  • Design and develop engaging, effective, and clear prompts for AI systems, considering user intent, context, and desired outcomes.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers, UX/UI designers, and AI developers to create optimal user experiences.
  • Conduct user research and analyse user feedback to continually iterate and improve prompts.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in AI, NLP, and conversational design.
  • Create and maintain prompt engineering documentation, including guidelines, best practices, and usage examples.
  • Contribute to the development and optimisation of prompt engineering tools, frameworks, and processes.
  • Contribute heavily to writing, maintaining, and deploying prompt engineering Python APIs Participate in the quality assurance process, identifying and addressing issues to ensure prompt effectiveness and user satisfaction.
  • Work closely with AI developers to refine and improve AI system responses based on prompt design insights.


  • Qualification: Completed Bachelors in engineering or higher.
  • Have a creative hacker spirit and love solving puzzles.
  • Experience in using large language models like GPT-3 ChatGPT, Claude, etc, and executing RAG pipelines.
  • Experience in using vision-based generative AI models Have good fluency in English which can be used to communicate with Large language models.
  • Have at least a high level of familiarity with the architecture and operation of large language models. Programming experience in Python language is needed.
  • You stay up-to-date and informed by taking an active interest in emerging research and industry trends.
  • Experience in writing web services using Python is very valuable.
  • Knowledge of designing APIs is very important.
  • This job was posted by David Rajasekar from SciSpace.

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