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Spectrum is a boutique search firm based out of Bangalore, catering to staffing needs of market leaders since 1995. Please visit to gather more information on us.

We are expanding our team for LLM project, for which we are looking for content writers/Prompt Engineers who would be interested in joining Spectrum (Deputed at Client).

Large language models (LLM) refer to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models designed to process and generate human-like language.

These models are based on deep learning architectures and are typically trained on vast amounts of textual data from the internet to understand and predict patterns in language.

➔ Annotate and fine-tune prompts that guide AI models with advanced linguistic analysis to form contextually appropriate responses.
➔ Experiment with different prompt styles and approaches to make it fluid and sound natural.
➔ Work closely with cross-functional teams to continuously refine our prompt design practices and AI model training pipelines.
➔ Stay current with the latest advancements in AI language generation techniques and provide opinions to enhance prompt strategies.
➔ Review and validate the annotated or generated data to guarantee that it satisfies the specified guidelines and quality standards.
➔ Work with the development team to offer feedback on the model’s effectiveness and assist in enhancing it through an iterative process.
➔ Keep precise documentation of annotated or generated data, track progress, and ensure the discretion and safety of the data.


  • College Degree or experience in Linguistics, English Literature, Creative Writing, technical writing, Computational writing, or Journalism.
  • English teaching experience is also preferred.
  • English as a first language and excellent written/verbal communication skills.
  • Understanding of Large Language Models/RLHF.
  • Candidate should have their own Laptop.

Work from home (General Shift)
Experience: 0 to 4 years relevant experience

What you will learn:
❖ You’ll gain a profound understanding of AI models by delving into their capabilities and mastering the art of crafting precisely tailored content.
❖ This journey will allow you to explore linguistic nuances and variations across languages, equipping you to create prompts that resonate effectively with diverse audiences.
❖ You’ll find yourself naturally drawn to staying updated on the latest AI advancements, industry trends, and emerging technologies; it’s become an exciting area of personal interest.
❖ As you navigate challenges in prompt design, user satisfaction, and optimizing AI models, your problem-solving skills will sharpen, and you’ll uncover innovative solutions that push the boundaries.
❖ Working independently and meeting deadlines will become a natural trait that comes with the responsibilities of the role.

This position offers a unique opportunity to delve into the burgeoning field of AI, work with data and create prompts that steer the AI systems.

It’s an ever-changing and captivating field that keeps you on your toes with its cutting-edge developments.
If you’re up for a challenge and want to find personal and professional fulfillment, this could be the perfect role for you

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