AI/ML Engineer


Project Briefs :

  • Interactive experiences using Gen AI
  • Content creation
  • Largely focused on text
  • Slowly moving to images, not much on videos
  • Data discovery , Infobot , Q&A on top of Knowledgebase
  • Enhancing conversational experiences with Gen AI

Skills :

  • Tensorflow, Pytorch, Model Building
  • Experiences on NLP, transformer models like BERT
  • Very good familiarity with GCP
  • BQ, Cloud Functions, GCS
  • Must Have – GCP, Vertex AI (Open with other cloud experience but some expertise on Vertex AI)
  • Gen AI – Prompt engineering, Hands on experience on Langchain.
  • Familiarity with retriever frameworks, Lang chain prompts templates etc.

Experience : 6+ years overall as AI/ML engineer- hands-on.

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